The New Media Entry (obligatory)
INCLUDEDWith your participation at IAA TRANSPORTATION you have automatically acquired the New Media Entry that will help you present your company in all relevant directories.The following services / digital elements are included:Your exhibitor profile in all exhibitor and partner directories (Web/App)company name / address / contact detailshall /stand numberwebsite, social media links, further weblinkdescription text / keywordsmulti media files (video, pdf, images)exhibitor events (promote all your events in the official IAA TRANSPORTATION program directory)Your exhibitor profile in all digital hall plans (Web/App)company short namehall / stand numberstand positioning and outline in the hallplanYour exhibitor profile in the visitor guide (print)company short name / address / contact detailshall / stand numberProfessional marketing onboarding, online-meeting (60 minutes).
Exclusive Sponsoring Package
Take advantage of the IAA TRANSPORTATION Community and position your company exclusively at the top of all directories.The exclusive sponsoring package includes top-level banner positions and many more exciting and effective advertising formats. There can only be one exclusive Sponsor!
Premium Sponsoring Package
Make sure that your company takes advantage of the full range of presentation options of the IAA TRANSPORTATION portfolio. Position your company at the top listings of all directories. The Premium Sponsoring Package includes top-level banner positions and many more exciting and effective advertising formats. The Premium Sponsoring Package is limited!
Advanced Package
Your company's digital presentation in relevant areas of IAA TRANSPORTATION.Reach out to the community of IAA TRANSPORTATION and position your company effectively!
Startup Special Package
Your start-up kick-starter at IAA TRANSPORTATION.Use this practical set of products to present your start-up optimally.For start-ups only!
Surcharge Visitor Guide: company logo A-Z directory
You can also present your company logo in the alphabetical list of exhibitors in the printed Visitor Guide.
Surcharge Visitor Guide: Logo in hall plan & HOP on the grounds
Present your company logo on the hall plan in the printed Visitor Guide and on the hall orientation plan (HOP) on the exhibition grounds.
Exhibitor logo in digital directories
Show your company logo as first valuable impression and recurring marketing element in all digital directories of the IAA TRANSPORTATION (Web/App). This products serves as minimum basis for all other logo upgrade products.
Surcharge company logo in digital hallplan
Stick out of the crowd and show your company logo in the digital hall plan and make sure that visitors recognize your company and position at first sight. 
Key Visual Header
Sticke out of the Standard and present your company's key visual in the digital presentation of your company profile.
Product presentation
Showcase your products in all digital directories. Take advantage of this easy and effective way to increase your product portfolio's reach.
Product category
Searched and found! Assign your company to the official product categories in the catalogue to highlight your product focus and be immediately discoverable by interested visitors.Three product categories are included in your new media entry package.
Take advantage of the unique opportunity to bring your trade fair highlights and advertising campaigns directly to the attention of IAA TRANSPORTATION participants with the "Promotions" advertising format. Whether exclusive offers, special trade fair discounts or invitations to stand events - with promotions you can draw attention to your trade fair presence and generate additional visitor traffic to your stand.  What you get: Targeted visibility: Your promotion will be prominently placed in the exhibitor and partner directory on the IAA TRANSPORTATION website as well as in the IAA App. This guarantees a high reach among trade fair visitors and participants. Interactive participant approach: Design appealing promotions that not only inform participants, but also actively invite them to interact. Examples could be: "Visit our stand for a free ballpoint pen" or "Take part in our stand raffle and win attractive prizes". Increased stand attractiveness: By prominently advertising your offers and promotions as part of the promotions, you increase the attractiveness of your trade fair stand and increase the likelihood of high-quality visitor contacts. Simple implementation: The booking and design of your promotions is uncomplicated and flexible. You have control over the content and duration of your promotions so that they can be optimally integrated into your overall trade fair strategy. Make your special offers and promotions the topic of conversation at the IAA TRANSPORTATION and use the "Promotions" advertising format to communicate effectively and in a targeted manner with trade fair visitors. Book your promotions now and ensure an unforgettable appearance at the world's leading platform for transportation and logistics.
Contact person exhibitor profile / Networking
List your contacts in your exhibitor profile, which will be presented in the digital exhibitor and partner directory as well as in the IAA TRANSPORTATION App.Every contact person you add can potentially collect leads for your company via the IAA App.
Top-of-the-list exhibitors A-Z
Put your company profile in focus – showcase your company in the first row of the exhibitor list as one of the top exhibitors, with a direct link to your company profile. With every single exhibitor search, visitors will see your exhibitor profile. The top-of-the-list placement will be displayed in all digital directories.
Job advertisement
Publish your job offer and take advantage of the full reach of the IAA TRANSPORTATION Community.Your job offer will be published digitally (Web/App) and it will be linked to your company profile.
Exhibitor news (newsroom)
Keep the IAA TRANSPORTATION Community up-to-date with your company news. 
Ad Visitor Guide 1/1 page (PRINT)
Your ad printed in the Visitor Guide as popular take away for all visitors.Long lasting impression on a full 1/1 page.
Ad Visitor Guide 1/1 back page inside (PRINT)
Your ad printed in the Visitor Guide as popular take away for all visitors.Long lasting impression on a full 1/1 back page inside.
Ad Visitor Guide 1/1 back page (PRINT)
Your ad printed in the Visitor Guide as popular take away for all visitors.Long lasting impression on a full 1/1 back page.
Ad Visitor Guide 1/2 page (PRINT)
Your ad printed in the Visitor Guide as popular take away for all visitors.Long lasting impression on a 1/2 page.